13 October 2010

Socialize 24/7?

Running down Brookline Avenue the other day, I passed a stencil on the door of Best Buy.

"Socialize 24/7.  Be Happy."

I nearly ran straight into a light post after reading the sign.  Have we reduced happiness to simply being in touch with each other every minute of every single day?  Is Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, a telephone ... the list goes on and on ... really what people believe will bring them happiness?

I'll avoid an anti-technology screed, mostly because I don't have enough time, but just post the question: does constant connection with others breed happiness?


Chris said...

Well, maybe constant electronic connection doesn't, but as humans, we are almost always in constant connection with others. Our clothing, our houses, our food, are all provided by others--usually with some degree of personal interaction. And each of us (at least most of us) are utterly dependent upon it at some point in our lives. And with God it's called prayer....:-)

mtjofmcap said...

I understand and appreciate the "no man is an island" perspective. However, there is something distinctly un-human, I'd suggest, in being connected to virtual human entities all the time.