08 November 2010

Deserves a Full Text

Tweeted it earlier in the day, but this is a full-texter:

Swiss monks turn to high-flyers for recruitment

GENEVA – Wanted: Bankers, traders or lawyers for full-time, lifelong position. No pay.
An order of Roman Catholic monks in Switzerland has started an unconventional recruitment drive by advertising in a classifieds section normally reserved for high-flying executive roles.
The Capuchin order says it is looking for an unmarried Catholic man aged between 22 and 35 capable of communal living.
The advert in a Sunday newspaper specifies that instead of a salary the successful application will enjoy "freedom from personal material wealth" along with plenty of time for prayer and contemplation.
Swiss news website reports that the Capuchin order placed the advert after its numbers halved to 200 in the past decade due to lack of new recruits.

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