29 November 2010

Hey Look, Advent

I don't know if I've offered this reflection before, so if I have, please forgive me.  It seems rise to the surface of my consciousness each Advent.

Some three years ago, the vocation director for the Province of St. Mary and I were speaking about the possibility of God's call of me to the Capuchins.  I had hemmed and hawed for an awfully long time about even attending a candidate weekend.

And then Brother Tim said this to me at one of our meetings (or something close to it): Matt, you should have a great Advent.  Advent is my favorite time of year -- I like it a lot better than Lent.  But, Matt, you have a great Advent, pray hard and really reflect on what the Lord is calling you too.  Advent is the perfect time to do this.

As Advent begins again, I'm reminded that the only goal of Advent should be to have a great one: reflect and contemplate well, pray honestly and drink deeply of the liturgical gifts the Church provides us for the next four weeks.

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