08 November 2010

It's a Cold. See it. C-Old.

I've had a cold the past three days.

Take it away David Wilcox.

In other words, I've been pulled away by the Reaper for a warning.

And the full text, for lazy link clickers:

You ever wonder why you get a cold
Look at the word spell it c-old
C-old you're pulled over by the reaper for a warning

He says"i clocked you thinking 80
You know you're not that old
You've been worried about the darkness in the morning"

"well i'll give you something to worry about" he says
Flips open his ticket pad appreciates your breathing

I'm gonna write you up a headache for those thoughts
Now why you been so worried man? what have you been reading?
And why do you have to tally all you've lost?

I'ma write you up a head cold it comes on like bad weather
So maybe you'll appreciate the warming
See it gives a new perspective soon you'll be feeling better

I'll let you off this time with a warning
He says "but take it easy alright people live around here"

You won't see him in time
What i'm trying to say is you'll miss him

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