09 November 2010

Nice to Meet You

I've noticed via the "hit-tracking" function provided by Google that visits have been on the rise around these parts lately.  I don't necessarily attribute this to the quality of the material provided.  Surely, I have my moments of clarity from time to time, but I think the increase is mostly due to this scribe's presence on Twitter and a few opportune shout-outs from folks around the web. 

So, if you're a new visitor: welcome!  If you've been following me since this blog's inception in May 2008, thanks for sticking around!  And, if you're like most and have arrived sometime in between, thanks also for giving this blog a chance.  

Just a few items of housekeeping that I'd thought I share (now being as good a time as ever).  

The subtitle on the front page of this blog is "The World from the Window of a Friary," and that is just what I've always hoped it to be.  Herein you can find my developing view about the Order, Church and world in which I live.  The opinions are solely my own, and thus, so are the mistakes.  I try to maintain some type of epistemological modesty and honesty here.  And when I don't, my loyal readings are quick to put me in my place.

If you look to the right, you'll find the Twitter feed.  You can follow me at @mtjofmcap.  The feed is devoted mostly to pith and links that I've come across on the web.  A note about the links: posting does not imply endorsement.  There are plenty of folks that I love to read but still disagree with them on their particular positions (i.e. Kristoff and his views on the Catholic Church).  

Well, I have some bathrooms to clean and a mid-year evaluation to edit, so that's about it from your host. 

Happy reading.

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alannah said...

Thanks for this posting. I 'follow' you as your views are down to earth and heaven reaching! I enjoy them.