09 November 2010

Pro-Capuchin Editorial?

From the Independent of the UK, full-text [bold added]:

Leading article: The spirit level

Wednesday, 10 November 2010
Do monks have a sense of humour? The behaviour of the Capuchin friars of Switzerland seems to suggest so. They have placed an advert for recruits in a local magazine with this tantalising job description: "We offer you no pay but spirituality and prayer, contemplation, an egalitarian lifestyle, free of personal material riches".
That would be a striking advert anywhere. But the even more remarkable thing is that the Capuchins chose to place it in the "banking and insurance" section of the magazine. A less monk-like readership it would be difficult to imagine.
So what we have here is our old friend: traditional values in a modern setting. With savvy like that, who would bet against the Capuchins surviving for another 490 years?

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