12 December 2010

Keeping Christ in Christianity

For several months now, a brooding worry reared its head with my prayers.  This worry has at times moved me to tears, to panic and at times, even to the outer reaches of spiritual barrenness.  This concern -- no, a strong word is necessary: my deepest fear -- is articulated by a small piece of paper which sits in the middle of my desk.  It is phrased thusly:

Have we entertained the truly terrifying, yet completely plausible reason for the troubles of our Church: Have we abandoned God?

Several times I've begun to pen this post, only to stop again.  I never felt I had the correct words with which to articulate my fears and anxieties, yet over these past several days with the constant refrain of "Keeping Christ in Christmas" echoing in my head, I thought now to be the time and the place to address the necessity of keeping Christ within Christianity.

There must be nuance within our theology; this is unquestionable.  However, might I posit that the primacy of Christ within Christianity be the constitutive part of any theological thinking classified as Christian?


rich said...

So true.

Enjoying my walk in life said...

Its Enjoying my walk in life, I really enjoyed your post "Keeping Christ in Christianity" I have had that very thought several times when I hear of peoples thoughts in Christmas and even going to church. I often wonder where did Christ go? Thanks for making me think about it. check out my blog! feedback and ideas on how to make my blog better are welcome!

MC said...

"Christianity has died many times and risen again; for it had a God who knew the way out of the grave." G.K. Chesterton