29 December 2010

My Old Church

Walking back from the Post Office this afternoon, I weaved my way through my old town to the Church of my Baptism, first Communion and Confirmation.  As I recalled and found to be correct, the Church is left open throughout the day.  I slid quietly into the empty church and into a back pew.  I found myself distracted, looking at the stained glass windows depicting numerous Marian titles and apparitions, as if I had only just now seen them.  This, however, was not the case.  I literally grew up in this church, but I found myself marveling at the large black cross upon which hangs a white marble corpus in the sanctuary, at the statues of Mary and Joseph on either side of the sanctuary and other smaller details.

Even though I was a stranger in this particular Church -- I haven't prayer there regularly for the past seven years -- it was home.

And then I got to thinking: any Church is home.

That's pretty cool.

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Colorado Cousin :P said...

I miss Assumption.