10 December 2010

On Christmas Cards

Friend and foe alike have often suggested a certain proclivity on my part to play the role of Scrooge.  

One of my best friends from high school gave me a tie with the Grinch on it for Christmas one year because she thought our smiles resembled each other.

You can be the judge of that:

But I digress (also something towards which I have a tendency).

I think I have decided to not mail Christmas cards this year.  Not that I particularly have a problem with Christmas cards or with receiving them (heck, I love mail), but both the environmental and financial costs of the Christmas card seem to outweigh the positives.  My view is this: instead of scrawling "Merry Christmas" across the bottom of a bunch of cards, why not send out an email to those that I would normally send cards to which include some real stories about my life as a friar?  Surely this will upset traditionalists (of the Christmas Card giving ilk, of course) among you, but this seems to be the way to go. 

Oh -- but don't worry, Mom: I'll be buying a Christmas card just for you.

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