07 December 2010

On Priests and Francis

This morning the presider at mass -- not a friar -- preached a homily that I found to be inappropriate, divisive and of rickety theological basis.  I sat in my pew, eyes cast down, willing him to stop speaking and sit down.  I could feel the blood rising into my face as I shifted uncomfortably, all the while attempting not to allow my displeasure to be broadcast across my face.  

Words from Francis himself crept into my consciousness, the Admonitions specifically.

Blessed is the servant who has faith in the clergy who live uprightly according to the norms of the Roman Church.  And woe to those who look down upon them; for even though they may be sinners, nonetheless no one is to judge them since the Lord alone reserved judgement on them to Himself.  For inasmuch as their ministry is greater in that it concerns the most holy Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, which they receive and which they alone administer to other, so those who sin against them commit a greater sin than [if they sinned] against all other people of this world.

With those words ringing in my ears, Father, I ask for your forgiveness in my judgement of you.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing, it serves as a great reminder that we should not judge Priests.