24 January 2011

Back to Regular Programming

And after some time catching up, things are back up and running here.  Though I have three classes tomorrow, I benefit from about six hours between my second and third classes.  My hope is that within this time I'll be able to polish off a back copy of the New Yorker and put together some thoughts for a retreat and a vocation talk that I'm scheduled to give in the near future.

As I develop these presentations, I'll post them here for your feedback and advice.


I'm taking four classes this semester: Eucharistic Theology, Introduction to the New Testament, Survey of Canon Law and Basic Dimensions of Pastoral Care and Counseling.

The reading load isn't oppressive by any means, but I'm doing plenty of thinking.  And that is always a good thing.

My plan is to close my studies each night with a blog post about the day: thoughts and comments from class, what I've read or just about anything else that has moved into my vacuous head during the day.


Oh: and by the way, it is currently 0 degrees in Boston.  Cold.  Very cold.

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