09 January 2011

Can't Take The Joy

I had a brief conversation recently with a priest friar who has ministered in the most challenging of parish situations for the better part of the last three years.  Without flinching, he has found himself in the midst of great fraternal, ecclesial, and monetary upheaval in this particular assignments.  Throughout them all, I have never known him not to smile, known him to fail to radiate a joy that is at once both authentic and godly.

Reflecting up this man's example today, I attempted to discern just what makes him tick.  How does he manage to persevere?

The only conclusion I can reach is that his joy, his passion and the impetus for his fearless ministerial presence grows out of his deep love for Christ and Christ's church.  To see this man celebrating mass, one can immediately learn the secret of his heart.  His joy, you see, can't be taken from him, because no one but God gave it to him.

I want some of that.

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