31 January 2011

Pastoral Care and Counseling

A few thoughts, disjointed as they may be, which come from my time in Pastoral Care and Counseling:

  • We aren't just the sum of our experiences.  If we were, then grace has nothing to do with our lives.  Eschatology is useless if we're nothing but our experiences.  The collective experience and Revelation given to the Church must weigh at least equal to what it is that happened to me yesterday.  
  • If pastoral care forgets Heaven, it can no longer be considered pastoral care.
  • Be careful of becoming a pastoral orthodontist.  Have you known an orthodontist who told you (or your child) that you didn't need braces?  Exactly.  Be aware that for some issues, prayer and time are tools used and endorsed by the Divine Physician.
  • While other ecclesial communities might not have the Sacraments, Roman Catholics do.  The sacrament of Reconciliation provides abundant and supernatural grace regardless of the "quality" of the care offered by the priest; as a corollary to this, priests must be ready, willing and prepared to offer true spiritual counsel in the confessional.  
  • Prayer, recollection, meditation, contemplation, lectio: all these are types of preventive maintenance.  Don't underestimate their efficacy. 
And finally:

  • Charity always works at the service of Truth as it is in the Word.

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Anonymous said...

Rant on!! Matt you are spot on in your thoughts here and i couldn't agree more!!