26 January 2011

Some Brightness

Stolen from an email from Virginia Matt:

[perhaps the beginning of a daily routine until the season starts]
January 26, 2011
19 days until pitchers and catchers
63 days until Opening Day

Today in baseball history

On January 26, 1919, the St. Louis Cardinals named Branch Rickey as manager.  After a mediocre stint as manager, Rickey built a dynasty in St. Louis through his work in the front office (he was replaced as manager by Rogers Hornsby).  During Rickey’s tenure, the Cardinals won the pennant in 1926, 1928, and 1930, and the World Series in 1931 and 1934.

Rickey is probably most well-known for his time in Brooklyn in the Dodgers front office.  In 1945 he announced the signing of Jackie Robinson to the Dodgers AAA team, who of course made his debut in 1947, a year in which the Dodgers won the pennant.  Rickey also brought Roy Campanella and Don Newcombe to Brooklyn.
Later with the Pirates, Rickey acquired Roberto Clemente and Bill Mazeroski.
The Nationals are inquiring into the master scout’s availability for the 2011 season.


After a short career as a player, Rickey went to law school at Michigan.
As a major league catcher, he once allowed a record 13 stolen bases in a single game.

A Rickey quote: They call you an extremist if you want integration now-- which is the only morally defensible position. To advise moderation is like going to a stickup man and saying to him: "Don't use a gun. That's violent. Why not be a pickpocket instead?" A moderate is a moral pickpocket.
Bill Veeck on Rickey: It occurred to me that if I let myself get trapped in a room with Rickey, there was a strong possibility that he would still have (the players I wanted), as well as my promissory note, and I would end up with two guys I had never heard of.
Today is Bob Uecker’s 76th birthday.  He allowed 27 passed balls in 1967 in only 59 games.  That’s what you get for catching Phil Niekro. 

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