11 February 2011

Bible Humor Friday

Courtesy of my Intro to New Testament Professor:

“In Defense of the Question Mark” 
(David Daube; from a personal letter to David Dungan, 1 October 1984)

Some say the world is made of fire,
some say it’s naught but quark.
Faced by alternatives so dire,
I choose the question mark.

Was Jonah’s fish a whale? a gyre?
a dolphin? or a shark?
I’d rather grope than be a liar,
I’ll put a question mark.

What was the height of Babel’s spire,
the width of Noah’s ark?
What kind of strings had David’s lyre?
Give me the question mark.

Why do the priests wear white attire?
Why is the devil dark?
How many kids did Solomon sire?
Hail to the question mark.

Some say that Matthew’s work is prior,
some say Luke’s (just for a lark).
But I know one whose claim is higher,
beyond all question — Mark.

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Brother Charles said...

From the obituary of the logician W. V. Quine in the New York Times:

Mr. Quine never wrote on a computer, always preferring the 1927 Remington typewriter that he first used for his doctoral thesis. Because that project contained so many special symbols, he had to have the machine adjusted by removing the second period, the second comma and the question mark.

''You don't miss the question mark?'' a reporter once asked him.

''Well, you see,'' he replied, ''I deal in certainties.''