01 February 2011

Current Again? Current Always.

Sure, the following comes from a homily preached by some obscure German in 1981, but it does seem rather prophetic, doesn't it?

The second movement [within Genesis 3] involves the image of the serpent, which is taken from the Eastern fertility cults.  These fertility religions were severe temptations for Israel for centuries, tempting it to abandon the covenant and to enter into the religious milieu of the time.  Through the fertility cults the serpent speaks to the human being: Do not cling to this distant God, who has nothing to offer you.  Do not cling to this covenant, which is so alien to you and which imposes so many restrictions on you.  Plunge into the current of  life, into its delirium and its ecstasy, and thus you will be able to partake of the reality of life and its immortality.

Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger,
In the  Beginning : A  Catholic Understanding 
of the Story of the Creation and the Fall
Third Homily delivered in Munich Cathedral, 1981

[emphasis added mine]

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