09 February 2011

Letters from Lake Como

Romano Guardini's name has been familiar to me for quite a while, yet only now am I in the process of reading something authored by him -- albeit in translation.

Letters from Lake Como takes the subtitle "Explorations in Technology and the Human Race."  It has not, I must say, disappointed me.  

There is a line in one of the letters that left me thunderstruck this morning.

Can life retain its living character in this system?
And therein lies the epic theological question that dissidents borne from hopeless nostalgia and rigorists borne from anger have failed to address.  Can life, understood in any Christian sense, really continue as currently constituted in this system of western culture?

Now, certainly my failure to define the above terms handicaps my argument and obscures my meaning.  Yet, this is my intention.  I do not pretend to have an answer to this question, nor to even have the vocabulary to defend my question posed as constituted.  But, that does not excuse the question from being answered.

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Anonymous said...

No it cannot. Europe is a good example of religious symbols no longer having the meaning they once had to the populace.

It's either grow or demand obedience, and we see how well that is working: fundamentalist tendencies.