19 February 2011

Mets' News

From Adam Rubin's morning update:

 John Harper in the Daily News profiles Collins. The manager tells Harper that if he had been managing last year when Chase Utley had the takeout slide in Philadelphia on Ruben Tejada, the benches would have cleared. You may remember Beltran had a hard slide later, but the Mets then reverted back to their passive ways. "In Philly there would have been a fight, no doubt about it," Collins told Harper. "... There's still an unwritten code about how to protect your teammates. So I do believe in situations like that, there's a right way to handle it. And that's something that starts right here in spring training. That's going to be part of my message on Monday when I speak to the team. We're going to bring a team together and we're going to watch each other's backs."


Tell me, doesn't that sound like something I'd say?  

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Anonymous said...

That was blown way out of proportion due to the current climate in professional sports. Yeah, it was a late slide, but it was hardly egregious. That being said, the Mets really didn't do much about it. It's going to take a lot more than a firey manager to make the Mets good. Look what Larry Bowa did for the Phillies....yep.

Chris J.