20 February 2011

Sadly Ironic

I'm searching for a mass to go to on Tuesday for the Feast of Saint Peter.

On the homepage of a local Roman Catholic Church, there were several pull-down bars under which the parish's mass times might be found.  I commenced my search.

First, I tried: "Worship" and my options were:
Music Ministries
Faith Formation

Failing that, I figured that the schedule would be located under "Ministries."  Again, a failure, since my options were:

Liturgy Commission
Faith Formation
Social Ministries and Outreach
Spiritual Development
Parish Life Commission
Music Ministry

I found the mass times in a drop down bar that only provided one option.  Sadly, when I clicked on "Events/Calendar," I found it:

Mass Schedule

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Br. Matt; OFM Cap. said...

If you're looking for a good by-the-books liturgy I'd check into Mary Immaculate of Lourdes in Newton Upper Falls. It's just down Rte 9, maybe 20 minutes from JP.