29 March 2011


From Bread of Life, Cup of Salvation, by my current professor, John Baldovin, SJ:

It would be better if people weren't asked to sit for the proclamation of the Passion on Passion/Palm Sunday and Good Friday.  People who are ill or weak should always be advised that they need not stand.  I think it's with good reason that someone once said: The ancient church was the church on its feet, the medieval church was the church on its knees, and the contemporary church ... well, you can fill in the rest.



Anonymous said...

We stand for the Proclamation of the Passion in the Archdiocese of Newark. I guess in other dioceses they sit?

mtjofmcap said...


It's interesting: as a younger person in the See of Newark, we sat for the Passion. Recently (perhaps with the change of Ordinary?), standing is the norm.

This is not, however, always the case different dioceses.