21 March 2011


Absolutely incredible.

Excerpt of letter from Wayne Berndt, Custody Minister to the Capuchin Friars in Japan, 16 March 2011

After World War II, Charlie [Bantle], Valentine [Thibedeau], Alban
[Bartoldus] and others came to Okinawa, and despite unexploded
ordinances, no electricity or water – they together with the Okinawan
people rose from the ashes of war. When a plane crashed into an
Ishikawa City school, it was Louis [Chiusano] who ran down to the
school to save lives. Now Brothers, the people who are suffering the
most are in the Northern Kanto region of Japan– and you are there
with them. 

In the noble tradition of the Capuchin Order in Japan, do the best that
you can. If you are afraid or nervous – that is to be expected, the
situation is not normal. However, the Holy Spirit is there with you.
And every Capuchin - from the Minister General, to our Provincials, to
all the Brothers of the Custody and beyond –is with you in prayer. See
you shortly. Your brother-Wayne

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