30 March 2011

On Ironic Support

Some time ago, I traveled with another friar to a presentation he gave at a parish in the archdiocese.  He presented well and engaged the audience on a oft-neglected level.  After the presentation, there was "coffee and ...," which gave me a chance to mingle with the parishioners who attended.

During my conversations, one parishioner in particular cornered me and pushed me about why the Church wasn't "doing anything."  If you travel in parish/diocesan circles, you will hear this often: Brother/Father/Sister, why isn't Bishop X doing something about situation Y.  If he only did 1, 2 or 3, then situation Y wouldn't be a situation any longer!

This particular situation mentioned above had to do with what could be done to rebuild the Church and/or support the priests of Boston.  One of the particulars of my response was: pray for your priests and tell them that you are doing so!

I mention all this because I find it incredibly interesting that two of the most supportive people of my vocation are not Catholic.  Whenever I have felt like tossing in the towel, I have always experienced complete and total support from them.  They have listened, nodded their heads -- most of the times in an electronic over the internet type of manner -- and then given me a swift spiritual kick to put me back on my path.

So for the two of you -- and you know who you are -- thanks for everything.

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Anonymous said...

Not Catholic?

Are they Jesuits?