20 March 2011

The Past is Current Again

These Pharisees and Sadducees, I think I've met them.  Worse yet, I see myself in the mirror.

The Pharisees, whom we are constantly meeting in the Gospels, endeavored to live with the greatest possible exactness according to the instructions of the Torah.  They also refused conformity to the hegemony of Hellenistic-Roman culture, which naturally imposed itself throughout the Roman Empire, and was now threatening to force Israel's assimilation to the pagan peoples' way of life.  The Sadducees, most of whom belonged to the aristocracy and the priestly class, attempted to practice an enlightened Judaism, intellectually suited to the times, and so also to come to terms with Roman domination.
Benedict XVI, 
Jesus of Nazareth, Volume 1
p. 13

Sounds like conservative antiquarianism and liberal syncretism, doesn't it? 


Anonymous said...

Well-called comparison, mtj.

Brother Charles said...

This has no effect on my conscience, because I'm a zealot.

mtjofmcap said...

I always figured you for an Essene...