08 March 2011

The Saints

Perhaps one of my favorite parts of my Catholicism is our patrimony.  At various times in the past, I have hinted at this fact.  There is something special, I think, about our Catholic heritage, filled with countless men and women who run the race and fought the fight.  

To riff the Montgomery Gentry song, "Something to Be Proud Of," whenever stories are told about old Capuchins, I find myself sitting starry-eyed on the floor.  My favorite Eucharistic Prayer is the Roman Canon (EP1), partly because of the litany of saints and martyrs included in it.  Someone sends me a quote from Blessed Clelia and I find an excuse to put it up on my wall:

"As soldiers follow their captain and fight undauntedly by his side, so too, good Christians cling to the Heart of Jesus in moments of battle that they may remain faithful to Him."
I recall my father telling me once that the same Mass we attended on vacation at St. Thomas More Church adjacent to Lake Ariel was the same one taking place at Assumption in Wood-Ridge.  That always amazed me; it captured my imagination.

Reflecting on it now, I realize that while this patrimony is a great gift, it is also a great responsibility.  This burden -- the weight of our Catholic patrimony -- might be too great in the eyes of some.  Our heritage, however, is not onerous, for a simple reason.  The greatest gift of our patrimony is still being borne out through the current and ever present prayers of those who have already gone before us.

And that is something to be proud of.

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