14 April 2011

Baseball and Theology

I know this deserves a longer post, but I remarked to a visiting family member tonight (the artist known as UP) that my baseball background thoroughly colors my outlook on life.

I think I need to do more to unpack this.  But, I'm left with an important question: is it problematic that the two largest secular influences on my theological outlook are Indiana Jones and baseball?


Matt said...

Bite your tongue.

Brother Charles said...

I think the analogies between theology and baseball are many. There are also dangers. For instance, baseball is morally pessimistic. When a batter gets on base when he shouldn't have, a fielder is charged with an error. Where there is no merit, a demerit is recorded. However, when someone should have been on base, but is 'robbed of a hit' by an extraordinary play in the field, there is no opposite award for outstanding merit.

Michael King said...

I wouldn't sweat it. My two secular influences are anime and fantasy literature.

Katie B said...

you left out the Rolling Stones!