24 April 2011

Late Night/Early Morning Easter Reflections

It's 12:26 am and I really should be getting to bed.  Our Easter Vigil clocked in at just about two and a half hours tonight.  By the time we were all cleaned up at the church, it was about 11:00.  In his charity, Brother Guardian moved the Easter flowers into our oratory; thus, I had the privilege of moving the Blessed Sacrament back into Its normal resting place, as well as putting up the requisite white/gold accoutrements.

I poured myself a drink and listened to different versions of the Exsultet for a bit, two of which I posted in my previous post

There are many reflections passing through vacuous mind at the moment, but what overwhelms me most is the folks who were baptized tonight.  A few reflections on this ... if you'd permit me.

  1. There is something to be said that baptism is most normally spoken about in the passive voice.  I was baptized ... Or, if not in the passive voice, we are never the subject of the verb.  Deacon So and So baptized me ... Indeed, there is such great grace in this sacrament, we cannot hope to control it.  The overwhelming strength of the presence of our Lord in the sacrament of Baptism flows through our soul, washing everything not of God away.  There is nothing that we ourselves can do to deserve this.  No, it is altogether and completely a gift.  We might consent to baptism, but nothing more than that.  Helplessly we are to stand at the font, have the most Holy Trinity invoked and feel the water falling on our heads.  What a great God have we; a God who comes to us.
  2. Several of the people with whom I have worked for several months in RCIA were baptized this evening.  I felt the bursting pride of a father as I watched the water poured over their heads, the chrism smeared on their foreheads and the small broken body of our Lord place in their hands.  Though some might find it trite, I imagine the same pride I felt is that which is felt by fathers when they see their newborn infants.  There is a small feeling of possession, but the overriding reality that what has been created is truly beyond my comprehension and ability.
  3. And we'll do it all again tomorrow.  Several more baptisms at the 10:00 mass have we.  Incredible.  
Indeed, the Lord is truly, truly risen, Alleluia, Alleluia, thanks be to God!


Katie B said...

Praise God, Matt. Amen.

Michael said...

Indeed, as my pastor said today, that is why the Risen Christ said "Meet Me in Galilee" - because he comes to our society, to us! Happy Easter, Matt!