04 April 2011

Monday Morning Cistercian Commentaries

Courtesy of Daily Gospel:

Commentary of the day : 

Baldwin of Ford (?-c.1190), Cistercian abbot 
Sermon on the letter to the Hebrews 4,12 ; PL 204, 451-453 

"The man believed what Jesus said "

«The Word of God is alive» (Heb 4,12). All the greatness, strength and wisdom of the word of God is what the apostle is showing by these words to those who seek Christ, who is word, strength and wisdom of God. This word was in the beginning with the Father, eternal with him (Jn 1,1). In due time it has been revealed to the apostles, preached by them and humbly received by a believing people...

This word, to whom the Father has granted to have life in itself as he has life in himself, is alive (Jn 5,26). Thus it is not just living but is life, as it is written: «I am the way, the truth and the life» (Jn 14,6). And since it is life it is also living and life-giving, for just as «the Father raises the dead and gives them life, the Son also gives life to whom he will» (Jn 5,21). It is life-giving when it calls Lazarus from the tomb and says: «Lazarus, come forth!» (Jn 11,43). When this word is uttered, the voice that speaks it reverberates exteriorly with a force that, when it has penetrated interiorly, brings the dead to life again and, awakening faith, raises up true children to Abraham (Mt 3,9). Yes, this word is living, living within the Father's heart, in the mouths of those who declare it, in the heart of the one who believes and loves. 

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