11 April 2011

Monday Night Dreaming

(An advanced warming: this is a non-linear post.)

This evening I had the honor of taking around some RCIA candidates for a tour of the parish church.  My small class consists of a mother and her four children.  The kids are great -- excited and energized about church, but all the while completely confused and innocent.  As any rambunctious kids would, at the end of the tour they requested to see the church from the old choir loft.  Up the narrow stairs we went.

We looked at the church completely empty, terrifically beautiful.  And at that moment my concerns about the Church of Jamaica Plain, the Church of Boston, the Church of United States all melted away.

These walls of the church have been previously consecrated -- and are consecrated each Sunday -- by the prayers of the faithful, irrespective of attendance.  That was my first consolation.

My second consolation might be thought funny, trite or even immature by those who aren't Church people.  (If you're a Church person, you know what I mean -- or at least you will when you read the next sentences.)  As I stared at the empty pews, I just knew that they'd be filled again.  The scriptural references of the Church came to me so thickly that I almost needed to brush them away from my face.  "On this rock I build my church ..." "The gates of hell will not prevail..." "Feed by sheep..."

Yes, world, I still believe in the Church.  She ain't perfect, but she's my mother and I'm not going to give up on her.  Or, to paraphrase Billy Joel: I love her just the way she is.

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