04 May 2011

Benedict on Giving One's Self Away

It is… clear what "following" means for us and what its true essence is for us: it is an interior change of life.

It requires me no longer to be withdrawn into myself, considering my own fulfillment the main reason for my life.

It requires me to give myself freely to Another - for truth, for love, for God who, in Jesus Christ, goes before me and shows me the way.
It is a question of the fundamental decision no longer to consider usefulness and gain, my career and success as the ultimate goals of my life, but instead to recognize truth and love as authentic criteria.

It is a question of choosing between living only for myself or giving myself - for what is greater. And let us understand properly that truth and love are not abstract values; in Jesus Christ they have become a person.
By following him, I enter into the service of truth and love. By losing myself I find myself.

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