01 May 2011

JPII Thoughts

I can recall that I went to see Blessed John Paul II pray mass at Giants Stadium in 1995.  My dad, grandmother and I went with our parish in Jersey.   It absolutely poured that day.  Our seats were under cover, but that didn't, if memory serves me correctly, stop some high powered mist from blowing into our faces from time to time.

My enduring memory of the day, however, was actually from a prolonged incident after the mass.  My dad attempted to help an elderly parishioner his way back to the vehicle taking him home.  My grandmother and I put out into the deep ourselves.  We got horribly lost.  We wandered around the Giants Stadium parking lot.  I started yelling "Dad."  Now, of course, there were plenty of fathers there that day -- no help.

At some point -- I'm not sure after how long -- I heard my dad's voice calling.  "Matthew, Matthew, Matthew."

In the pouring rain, I who was lost had been found.

This has happened a lot more since then than I would like to admit.

Blessed Karol, pray for me.

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