28 June 2011

Another Update

Another week has passed in Ocotepeque.  At last count, the Fire Ants are defeating the Slugs 4-0.  The sun also defeated the clouds on Sunday and gave me a small bit of sunburn.  Do not worry, Mom, I wore sunscreen today. 

All in all, I am without complaint.  The nights here are cool and the days are hot.  The rain is a welcome vistor each day around 3 pm. 

I finish my Spanish classes this week.  Beginning on Wednesday, I will be helping out at a local Catholic high school.  It seems as if I may be teaching a class or two of English and also helping with a history class.  I cannot tell you all exactly what I am doing, because I am not sure myself.  I am certain, however, that whatever it is will involve me being in way over my head.

This past weekend, we traveled to Guatamala and visited the Shrine at Escipulas, home to El Cristo Negro, the Black Christ.  The passionate devotion of the pilgrims there made quite an impression upon me, as did the beautiful Christ Himself.  After our spiritual experience, we went to the PizzaBurgerDiner.  Yes, indeed, that was its name.  We split a pizza and each had hamburgers.  Two spiritual experiences in one day!

Today marks a milestone of sorts for us here -- we have but 30 days left.  The experience has been one of rejuvenation for me.  Some of the zeal worn away by a year of studies and some frustration about my own calling have abated.  In the words of Frank Sinatra, "I feel as if I'm singing with the life back in me again."  Indeed, being at the novitiate has been a special grace, giving me more time for prayer and spiritual reading than I have had in a good long while. 

Please continue keeping us in your prayers and know of my own for you all.

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