01 June 2011

Away I Go

These pages will be quieter, I would guess, for a time.  I am about to leave on my summer assignment to Latin America.  I hope to post periodically (weekly?) about my experiences.  We shall see.

For more explanation, what follows are parts of an email I sent to family, friends and friars a few days ago:

As many of you already know, my summer assignment will take me to Nuevo Ocetepeque in Honduras  I will leave the United States on June 2 and return July 26.  Tomorrow afternoon, I will be traveling to our friary in Brooklyn for orientation with four other friars -- two of whom were my classmates in the novitiate.  I'm told that just so long as I avoid anything that involves water from a faucet, I can likewise avoid gastrointestinal disaster.  I do not yet know if this will be true, but I sure am hoping.  

During my first four weeks Honduras, I'll be receiving one-on-one Spanish instruction; afterwards, I'll take on some small apostolic works in the surrounding area.  My computer will not be making the trip with me, but I am told that an internet cafe is easily accessed.  I hope to send out periodic updates -- or, failing that, short notes to assure everyone I haven't had a glass of river water.  I've included all of you in the category of those who might want to know.  If these emails become bothersome, please feel free to delete them.  If you want to forward them to someone else who may know me, or be interested in what I'm doing, likewise, please do.  

My flight actually lands in San Salvador on June 2 and thus the five of us will have opportunity to stop at the tomb of Archbishop Oscar Romero.  If you would like for me to ask his intercession for an intention of yours, please let me know.

In the meantime, please know of my daily prayers for you all; if time allows, I would appreciate a small place in your own prayers from time to time, especially as I journey south.

Peace and good,

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Judy Kallmeyer said...

That means no ice cubes too. Sometimes folks forget about that and end up with la tourista. God bless and have a fruitful summer!