06 June 2011

update ...excuse bad punctuation!

  1. On Friday night in Salvador, the friars played a card game that was incerdibly simple to play... just so long as you spoke Spanish.  Big problem for this gringo.  After the card game, we played Jenga.  At one point, one of the postulants made a joke about the Jenga Tower falling, a la Osama Bin Laden and the Twin Towers.  I tried to explain that I lived only a half hour away from 9-11 and that it wasn{t a joking matter.  My Spanish failed, once again.  Perhaps more importantly, I realized that 9-11 is incredibly out of the frame of reference for a 23 year old camposino from Salvador.  Incredible.  One of the benefactors of the friars, a man in his thirties, explained quite causually that his father had been mistaken for a rebel and shot and killed by the government during the Salvadorian civil war.  Just like that.  Sort of puts America life in perspective, eh.
  2. I woke up on Sunday morning and walked to the shower .. for my third cold shower in as many days, mind you.  I found a cockaroach ... Washington DC size .... on its back in the shower.  I used a piece of toilet paper to usher it to the garbage can and then killed it with a mini machete.  Welcome to Honduras!
  3. Yesterdays mass was supposed to begin at 9 am.  The local bishop was coming because it was confirmation day for 200 kids.  He arrived at 1030.  He preached for forty minutes ... before the opening sign of the cross and penitential rite.  Mass took two hours.  At one point he gestured furiously at the choir to stop singing so he could start talking again.  Imagine what would happen if Cardinal O.Malley tried this!

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