22 July 2011

How to Use a Pila

This, dear readers, is a pila (first picture).  It is where I have been washing my clothes for the duration of my sojourn into Honduras.  Reader PJA asked how this particular device worked.  I will do my best to explain.

Normally, one places his dirty clothes in a bucket filled with water and some powered soap the night before he wishes to do laundry.  The soap of which I speak can be seen above, in the container to the right.  Consider this the first rinse cycle of sorts.  The next morning, one takes each piece of laundry out of the bucket and rubs it with a cylindrical bar of soap.  One then scrubs the soapy piece of laundry over the concrete grating (third picture).  Afterwards, one uses the clean water already filled up (picture two) to rinse the clothes .  Usually, the rinsing and wringing process takes some time.  Afterwards, the clean (you hope) clothes are hung on the line to let the Honduran sun do its work.  You can only hope and pray they are dry before the rains arrive.  



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