28 July 2011

In the Coming Days

In the coming days, I will be working a bit to transform reflections that merely exist as phrases in a journal of sorts into blog posts.  Getting them from my computer to the internet, however, will likely prove more difficult.  

On Saturday morning, I will attend the first profession of two brothers at Sacred Heart Church in Yonkers.  Afterwards, I'll drive to Boston, do a bit of laundry, open some mail and then prepare to head out for a week of retreat with the Trappistines in Wrentham, MA.  From Wrentham, I will drive south for two weeks of vacation.  The first week will involve fishing and grilling, the second some quality time with my family.  

The upshot of all of this: while I will have plenty of time to commit thoughts to paper, it will be significantly more difficult to get them uploaded.  I hope to do a bunch of this while on vacation and then upload of all the posts at once, setting them to be automatically posted at intervals.  In the meantime, however, I appreciate your patience.

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