13 July 2011

Two weeks left.

My ministry at the high school continues to be a bright light for me.  As disorganized, chaotic and seemingly unsound the teaching methods employed here are, I am having an absolute blast.  I only have seven days left at the school and I know that I will miss these kids. 

In a lot of ways, any rose colored glasses that made it through border control with me in Honduras have been cast aside.  As I said to the friars earlier in the day, the social pathology here in Honduras is right out in the open.  There are no attempts to hide it.  The government, police and business interests seem more interested in lining their own pockets than fixing the roads, making the cities safer or giving even a long odds shot to those in need.  (All we are talking about here is an even money or less, chance.)  As a friar noted on our trip to San Perdo Sula, those with financial means here are likely even more materialistic than those of the same cohort in the States. 

Perhaps a very important part of this missionary/cultural experience has been achieved.  Humans are indeed the same everywhere.  Cultures differ, but the metanarrative of human existance, the emotions that rub a person raw, the desire to survive, the hope for the future: these are common to all peopl. 

And yet, for every slum, every corrupt bargain, every torn up road, there is an equally powerful reason that I have truly come to love this land.  In some ways, I have learned to be more Honduran than Amercan.  Surely, that is an overstatement, but I have a hard time explaining why my stomach enjoys rice and beans more than Pizza Hut.  (True story!)


Tor Hershman said...

You're a monk and I'm a monkey (Ape, it you wanna get all technical like).

Como ganar dinero sin invertir said...

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