23 August 2011

Beginning the New Year

As my second year in Boston begins, it seemed like a good opportunity to do a bit of house cleaning around these pages.  As of late there has been an increase of the amount of Capuchins from my province around and about this new thing called the internet.  What follows is the list of us.  I believe it to be complete:

Capuchin Province of St. Mary Blogs:

And on Twitter:
  • @willtarraza
    Always looking for a good laugh and joy in my life as a Postulant with the Capuchin friars.
  • @FrCharles ardentissimus amor crucifixi Tweeting the sublime hilarity and the hilarious sublimity of life and learning as a Capuchin Franciscan friar.
  • @StMaryOFM_CAP New York, NY
    We promote justice and the equality of all people within our fraternity, in the churches dedicated to the gospel of Christ and in the larger world.

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