27 August 2011

Rainy Fun

Any good captions to suggest?


RZ said...

"Brother Matt -- We are not going to the Red Sox game today. It's Sunday and we have work to do. Besides, I think it might rain".

Anonymous said...

"A priest, a rabbi, and a minister walk into a bar..."

Chris J

Bro. Arlen said...

Friar on the left to the Friar in the center: "I will trade you my 1520 Matteo de Bascio rookie card and an original copy of the 1529 Capuchin Constitutions for your original 1209 copy of the first rule of the Friars Minor." Friar on the right: "That's a sweet deal!"

Anonymous said...

"Hey, anyone wanna buy some Mets playoff tickets?"

Chris J

Suzanne said...

What do you think of these new polyester habits?