10 September 2011

It Scares Me

Recently, I have found myself in a few situations where the palpable emotions of the particular conversation simply terrify me.  The insipid and visceral judgment (and possibly, yes, even hate) of some involved have caused me to stop and reflect, asking God for the grace to understand from where these dark actions arise.

I recall Gerald O'Collins' comment in the first chapter of Jesus Our Redeemer: At the very least, theology means watching one's language in the presence of God.

With all earnestness, I must admit that too often, I find abundant reasons to despair about the current tone of our theological (not to mention political) discourse.  There has always seemed to be a difference between passionate, fiery prophetic words and those which are tinged with the intent to maim (or worse).

In my own reflections, I find myself guilty of getting too near this particular line.  Yet, I'm heartened by the comment of one of my professors last year to me: It's okay for you to be conservative; just so long as you're not a jerk.  (Only, he said something stronger than jerk.)  I came away from the conversation with head help high -- regardless of my theological disposition, it's more important that we can have a beer together and argue about the Red Sox.

Theology over a beer: perhaps an antidote to vituperation.

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UP said...

I'm not interested in arguing about the Red Sox--with their current swoon, I'm too fragile for that--but I'm always interested in coming to the Hub for a beer with you. At the same time, I offer prayers of thanksgiving that the Yankees have been equally ineffective.