07 September 2011

What Have You Done for Me Lately?

I'm in the midst of a beginning of the semester writer's block, but here are a few musings that I put together as I walked back from mass at St. Mary's Hall this morning.


I now have a picture of Paul VI sitting on my desk.  Most everyone takes my passion for this Servant of God with a grain of salt and good humor, attributing it as one of my many theological eccentricities.  Yet, I tell you this: I truly do pray for Paul VI's intercession on a regular basis.  Here went a man who lived through the maelstroms of ideological battle and maintained his humanity.  This pope realized the simultaneous necessities of the Christian meta-narrative and a dialogue with modern culture.  If I pass through this earth and am able to grasp and articulate just a bit of Paul's message and come away with just a bit of his courageous holiness, I will believe my life to have been well-lived.


I need to write a single page about a major theological question by Monday at noon.  My initial instinct is to go towards the retrieval of the Christian meta-narrative.  

The step to writing this paper:

  1. Find can of worms.
  2. Open can.

I got to thinking about a song co-written by Steve Goodman and Shel Silverstein this morning, "What Have You Done for Me Lately?"  The premise of the song is simple: the narrator of the song saves someone from drowning, nurses her back to health and then is asked in the morning: what have you done for me lately?

I wonder if this isn't the question that we need to start asking: what have you done for us lately?  The narratives have been taken apart, the altars of the gods have been stripped, rigidity has been imposed and you have left us with what?


Writer's block indeed.


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