05 October 2011

A Thought (That May Get Me in Trouble)

Perhaps part of our theological problem is that we still use categories largely synthesized from the 1980s.  One might use ecclesial models that move authority along a horizontal axis, instead of a vertical one in an effort to be inclusive, post-modern or conciliar.  Yet, the fact remains that a significant portion of the most passionate Christians are fundamentalists or Pentecostals who possess no marked ecclesiology.

Thus, our current of ecclesiological critique speaks right past them.


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Brother Charles said...

My suspicion--and my hope!--is that Christianity, that is to say a confession centered around the claim that the incarnation, passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ has salvific significance for the world, is compelling precisely as a deliverance from this dilemma.

True religion,it seems to me, abides with the perpetual danger of decaying into paganism (the vertical axis) on the one hand, and 'secular humanism' and activism (the horizontal axis)on the other.