01 December 2011

On Fear

There is a dear friar friend of mine who often asks the question: salvation from what?  Or, put in another way, "From what are you being saved?"  The theological background to this question is simple.  If we are saved by the action (in some way) of Christ, then from what are we being saved?  This question, I think, is as important, if not more so, than the question of "how."

And so, from what are we being saved?

Quite simply: fear.

This isn't just any fear mind you; no, this is crippling fear which places us on the defensive toward anything that might cause us discomfort.  Because we are afraid of final death, we also find ourselves scared of all the interim, minor deaths that plague our lives.  We end up living less freely, less joyfully than we might otherwise have lived.

By the very nature of the Resurrection, Jesus has freed from us the fear of death; and thus, freed us to live completely, totally, giving ourselves completely over to that which that which is best.  It is fear, it seems, that prevents us from living as Bonheoffer suggested: as people for others.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this: if we truly believe in the Resurrection, death loses its sting and its power.

We have been saved from fear and death -- now what?

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