13 December 2011

The Purpose of Me

I'm in the middle of correcting a final written project for a class, but I have the echoes of a conversation with a confrere in my head at the moment.  This evening, we found ourselves speaking about what the purpose of our particular chosen path in life might be, why one might deign to be a Christian, a Catholic, a Franciscan, a Capuchin and a student at this point in history.

Here are my best answers:

I am a Christian because I believe that God was up to something in the person of Jesus Christ

I am a Catholic because I know God mediates his own presence through the sacraments.  

I am a Franciscan because Francis lived a life sitting between brash confidence and dreadful fear -- and that's more or less the condition of my soul.

I am a Capuchin because it's the way I believe the Holy Spirit wishes me to respond to my own participation in original sin.

I am a student because I wake up everyday wondering how I've come to believe in all the above.

And why do I believe all these things?  Because the Holy Spirit wants me to, or so I think.  It's as complicated; or as simple, as that.

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bxsmith said...

Well put. Very interesting, Matt.