31 January 2012

Existential Terror

I found myself wondering today what type of God might we be worshiping if we believe that this God is calling us to something that is physically, spiritually, vocationally or theologically impossible.  I shan't name what might fall under these categories, but with a bit of imagination I believe we could all come up with a few.

It seems terrifically unfair for God to do this.

And if God is doing this, it thus means that God is unjust.  Or that other circumstances are frustrating the will of God beyond measure.  Yet, if this second option obtains, does not this still reflect poorly upon God?  If our God is a God of the living and a God of history, certainly He knows what is going on here on earth.  It seems to me that God responds to injustice by raising up prophets and that it is up to you and me to discern the validity of the allegedly prophetic message.

Yet, I simply cannot assent to a God who plunges members of his creation into constant existential terror by allowing his Holy Spirit to implant in them the desire for something that is, for all intents and purposes at the current moment, impossible.

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PJA said...

Wouldn't a God who cannot--or should not--drive his creation to do or strive for the impossible be a powerless God? Wouldn't such a God be limited in His omnipotence (if we submit to omnipotence as a characteristic of the Eternal Creator)?

Moreover, how would a God who "is calling us to something physically, spiritually, vocationally or theologically impossible" be unjust? I can conceive of a God of this nature because if such callings are inherently or circumstantially impossible for man, this God cannot expect us to perform such things on our own merits. Thus I believe God can call us to impossible feats, tasks, thoughts and all the rest, but only by His grace, His power and His love. It was impossible for man to make a perfect sacrifice that could reconcile him to God, but God made it possible, though His Son! Or, another example, it may be (or, perhaps here it is more seem) impossible for a family whose child has been abducted, raped and murdered to forgive the perpetrator, at least by their own devices. But through God's grace and with His strength, they can do so.

Maybe I'm missing what you're getting at. Perhaps I'm on too superficial a level... but I would be more terrified by a God who cannot do the impossible (by man's standards) than a God who can and even invites us to join in doing it.