24 January 2012

Not a Wimpy God

Sometimes I wonder if we don't insist upon God's conformity to ourselves.  This, of course, is backwards.

In other words, for all of the speaking about the turn to the subject, I detect that the human desire in much of this is to have one's self -- opinion, foibles and everything else -- acknowledged as being true, just -- and alright.  Once our own opinions have been completely actualized and the lines between objective and subjective truth sufficiently blurred, we can than project this "realization" back to God.

And, thus we discover a God who loves us so much that's he's just like us.  Ergo, there are no restrictions required upon our lives, because God has deigned it so.

Thus, truth and freedom are reordered (or disconnected really) and whatever you (or I, or us) think is best, goes.

If the above thesis is correct, then we have a rather wimpy God on our hands.  In fact, we don't even have God anymore, but solely ourselves.

I'd rather not worship that god (me).

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Brother Charles said...

Great reflection.

The utility of a turn to the subject is turning once again to the other with more freedom and clarity. Unfortunately, we often lose the second step, having become terminally subjective.