02 January 2012

On Discerning Religious Life, Part II

Before Christmas, a commenter asked about the living of religious life, not, it seems, in terms of through consecration by vows, but rather more generously.  Her questions centered around one possessing the ability to make such a great decision as to commit to God and the underlying question as to whether God provides the grace required to make such a decision and remain faithful to the choice once made.

It appears that most basically the election may be made to doggedly pursue a Christian life precisely because of the Incarnation.  That is to say, because the Word became Flesh, human choices and pursuits are possible -- we are able, as humans, to make real decisions about real things because God became man.  The historical reality of the Incarnation gives real weight to what happens between the white lines of life.

At the same time, the ability to make meaningful decisions that last are possible because of the Holy Spirit -- there can be no other explanation, it seems.

More on this to come....

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