02 February 2012

On Disagreement

Recently, I've received some strong challenges from folks, both en vivo and via social medium about things that I've written.

I really do appreciate it.

But what I appreciate more is both the manner in which I've received it and that I've received it at all.

You see, part of the beauty of the disciplines of the humanities -- or which, I might add, theology is the highest -- is that there is room for disagreement and dialectic.  In fact, I might go so far as to say that a constiuitive part of the theological project is disagreement.  And perhaps even a step further, contingent to all Christian theology is the specter, if not the guarantee of disagreement.

The root of this disagreement, I've come to believe, is all about fundamental theology.  That is to say, the reason why Christians can't agree is that we all bring slightly different thoughts on the way God makes himself known.*

This is why Christian theology excites me so much, and, consequently, why I believe that God is calling me to a lifetime at its service.  So, there you go, faithful readers.  In one post: 1) I love when I receive disagreement; 2) its tone makes all the difference; and 3) my thesis suggests that most theological disagreements are not based in the matter at hand, but rather in the fundamental theologies which presuppose the positions upon which there are disagreements.

*Even there, by referring to God as himself, I've made a claim which falls under the guise, most basically, of fundamental theology.


Jesuit said...

Makes himself *known. Just sayin'...

mtjofmcap said...

Noted and fixed, Rev. Mr.

mtjofmcap said...

Noted and fixed, Rev. Mr.