19 March 2012

Great Canons of Trent

Or, decrees from Councils that make me stop and reflect upon my own vocational praxis.

          Chapter IV, Fourteenth Session:
And since, though the habit does not make the monk, it is necessary nevertheless that clerics always wear a dress conformable to their order, that by the propriety of their outward apparel they may show forth the inward uprightness of their morals, yet to such a degree have the contempt of religious and the boldness of some grown in these days, that esteeming but little their own dignity and the clerical honor, they even wear in the public the dress of laymen, setting their feet in different paths, one of things divine, the other of the flesh.
The Canons and Decrees of Trent, p.110, ed. HJ Schroeder, OP

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Brother Charles said...

As long as my clothes exhibit vilitas, I feel as though I am observing the Rule.