03 April 2012

Where the Blog is Going

In May of 2008, I started putting my fingers to keys in keeping friends and family abreast of where I found myself in my Capuchin journey.  Today, in April 2012, I find the fire of my vocation burning no less brightly.  Differently, certainly; but less brightly, no.  In fact, I have become more and more convinced that the Lord calls me to live as a Capuchin.  In fact, this time of Lent has been a series of privileged encounters with the Lord, as he has stripped away, slowly but surely all the natural origins of my vocation.  He has, then, left me solely with the desire for him and nothing more.

What does this have to do with anything?

Well, as you may have noticed, posting has been incredibly light lately.  School and ministry (and, oh yeah, prayer) have been keeping me on my toes and the blog has been the item in my life which has received short shrift.  I'm hoping, however, to recommit myself to the blog and do some new and interesting things on it.

To be pithy, the pages here are a work in progress, much the same as their author.


Anonymous said...

You have written well of me, Thomas! What do you desire?

"Only you, Lord" - St. Thomas Aquinas

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