03 June 2012

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I'm moved into my summer assignment.

I'll be living for the summer at the Monastery Church of the Sacred Heart in Yonkers, NY.

I am planning to complete a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education at Saint John's Riverside Hospital.

My time in Yonkers will extend through August 17, after which I'll head back to Boston for a seminar on the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition, offered by a great up and coming professor from my alma mater, Dr. Josh Benson.


The rooms here at Sacred Heart are comfortable -- high ceilings and windows that let plenty of light into the room.  I have everything more or less arranged -- and for someone who craves order in his cell, this is no small feat.

At the moment, I'm currently working through Von Balthasar's Heart of the World, a poetic reflection on the heart of Christ in the world.  Alongside that, I am going to pick up Thomas Friedman's newest book this afternoon, That Used to be Us.  Virginia Matt can expect it in the mail in a few weeks.

This summer, I hope to get a whole lot of reading done that I had put off throughout the year.  Alongside that, I'm going to make a distinct effort each day to work through a bit of Latin, polishing and improving that which I picked up this semester.  Then again, there is the small matter of a developing pennant race with which I may need to contend:


National League
Washington3021.588-6-4W116-814-136/2 vs ATL, W 2-06/3 vs ATL, 1:35 PM
Miami3023.5661.06-4W116-1014-136/2 @ PHI, W 5-46/3 @ PHI, 1:35 PM
NY Mets3023.5661.07-3W218-1112-126/2 vs STL, W 5-06/3 vs STL, 8:05 PM
Atlanta2825.5283.02-8L112-1116-146/2 @ WSH, L 0-26/3 @ WSH, 1:35 PM
Philadelphia2826.5193.57-3L112-1416-126/2 vs MIA, L 4-56/3 vs MIA, 1:35 PM

Thus far, my plan will be to walk each day to Saint John's and then hitch a ride from a brother returning from White Plains in the afternoon.  This will allow me to attend mass and morning prayer with the friars and people of the parish and then return in time for dinner with the brothers in the evening.  On hot and rainy days, however, I won't promise that I won't drive myself down North Broadway each way.  


I am hoping to get down to blogging each day this summer.  I certainly won't be able to share details from that which I participate at the hospital, but I believe there will be enough grist for the mill coming from other places.  

More soon.

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